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Affiliate Marketing Training Ė Learn to Crawl Before You Take Those First Steps

by Mark Harris

Since affiliate marketing has grown so rapidly in recent years, people are diving in everyday. Of course, this has also led to a substantial increase in affiliate marketing training materials being distributed today.

How could this be?

Isnít affiliate marketing as simple as redirecting traffic on the web? Isnít this why itís so easy to do and such a simple way to become successful?

Actually, the answer is no.

There is far more to affiliate marketing than simply setting up an account, piecing a website together and waiting for the checks to arrive at your mailbox.

Work at Home
Certainly, this industry is easy, fun and creative; still, itís a business like any other and you must be qualified for the position you desire. To survive as a new business owner, you need to have a plan and maintain control on what youíre doing.

So many affiliate marketers are unable to achieve real success because they lack the proper training. If you are truly serious about becoming a success, you have only three options and those are training, training and yes, more training!

Now, youíre probably wondering where to begin.

There are several different ways to get the training you need. Trial and error is one way to go about it. In fact, many of the pioneers of affiliate marketing are self-taught. What most of them will readily admit, however, is how time consuming this method becomes. Furthermore, there is absolutely no guarantee for success.

The most efficient way to learn the affiliate marketing process is to utilize manuals, online tutorials, training courses and informative conferences held every year across the globe.

Prepare To Do A Little Reading

One of the best ways to gain and retain knowledge on this subject is to grab a couple of books from your local bookstore. Because they are so resourceful to begin with, it did not take long for affiliate marketing professionals to subsidize their income by teaching others. They have become instructors and novelists, which only makes sense when you consider how much time they devote to writing articles for their websites.

Remember the self-taught affiliate marketing pioneers we talked about? These individuals had no choice but to use trial and error because colleges and universities do not offer training in this field. Fortunately, you can bypass the tedious trial and error process by using the information provided by experts in the business.

This is your chance to learn from their triumphs and failures! Why wouldnít you read their books? What could stop you from taking notes as you read? After all, you will need to cross-reference the materials you read in order to find patterns and discern the fundamentals of the affiliate marketing industry. Additionally, this will help you separate information relevant to your goals from personal choices made by these authors.

If reading a book is not getting you where you need to be, you can always look to online tutorials to get your affiliate marketing training.

Getting Extra Help through Cyberspace

Another route to the road of success is through online tutorials. Just as books help you learn the basic information you need for success, online tutorials can show you how to accomplish your goals with an energetic web presence and working models you can use for examples.

Also, many tutorials feature links to great savings along with details on essential products (website hosting, domain name registration, template design, etc.). Plus, these tutorials are designed and maintained by accomplished affiliate marketing professionals.

In fact, some of them have probably also written the books you are currently reading. Since web copy is usually more simplistic that book formats, you will find the information to be quick, concise and perfect for note taking.

Going Back to School in Style Ė Affiliate Marketing Style

If youíve read books, completed online tutorials and still can not get enough information, you have the mindset necessary to become a shining star of affiliate marketing. Now itís time for you to go where true success begins, the classroom.

Since some affiliate marketers offer marketing lessons held in an actual classroom setting, you can literally go to class. Still, availability depends on where you live.

Opportunely, plenty of affiliate marketing professionals who offer their training in the form of downloadable e-courses, which means you can complete the courses from home during your spare time. This is just like distance learning classes offered by so many top colleges and universities today.

One example of a great downloadable course was designed by James Martell. He is truly a shining star of affiliate marketing. After all, he has made a fortune several times over. Martell began his dynamic career as a successful affiliate marketer and then evolved into an instructor for those just starting out.

Also, the course he offers is tremendously successful because it is a fully comprehensive strategy. And, itís jam packed with great success secrets of the industry that Martell has learned over the years. Most importantly, his course is so detailed that he is with you every step of the way, making sure you get just as much (or more) out of the course as you applied to it.

Just in case this is not quite enough for you, Martell also makes updates and online help available to his students. This is just one reason why if you are serious about starting a lucrative career in affiliate marketing, one of the best things you can do is take a look at what James Martell has placed at your disposal.

In fact, Martell has not only written a book on this industry, he has also developed online tutorials to go with his training course. These materials cover just about every topic when it comes to learning about affiliate marketing.

Once you have soaked up all the information available and you know that the only way to learn more is to do the real work, itís time to slow down, have fun and really begin to put yourself out there. The time has come for you to attend an affiliate marketing event.

Now for the Fun Part: Ready, Set, Make Friends!

Once you have completed your training, you will be excited and eager to get down to business. You will probably be tempted to dive right in and get to work. However, youíll be better served if you take the time to attend an affiliate marketing event. For instance, upcoming events include the Affiliate Summit being held in Las Vegas, Nevada and Commission Junction University being held in Santa Barbara, California this past September.

These summits provide an opportunity for the industry professionals to meet up, share a laugh or two, eat, drink and merrily introduce themselves.

Are the wheels in your brain turning yet?

Hosting companies, web designers and businesses hoping to strengthen their affiliate marketing presence will be mingling with people like you Ė affiliate marketers. This is your opportunity to get to know people on a more personal level, making meaningful friendships with those with whom you share common ground. And, these relationships will be beneficial for your business.

These events also give affiliate marketers the chance to learn about changes to laws and public policies, new technologies and even better ways to solve problems they may encounter at a given time. As you begin to set goals and for your own strategies, you will be able to use this information from the start while improving relationships with business prospects.

Whatís more, this is your chance to join a close-knit group of exciting, dynamic people as they come together to form a supportive environment in an industry that often leaves untrained people on the fringes of success (and unable to realize the full potential of their businesses). These are people worth knowing, not because you are looking for a leg up but because they will enrich your life and provide helpful support.

So, before you get ready to race to the finish, remember to get the right training and meet the right people. After all, you have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk. And, even when you know how to walk, you usually need help during your first few steps.

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About the Author

Mark Harris is a stay-at-home dad and has been ever since he first discovered the Internet back in the summer of 1998. Mark enjoys the freedom of being his own boss and setting his own schedule and can usually be found most days at his local coffee house down on the beach in Balboa Beach, California working on his laptop. Mark works alongside his wife Melissa who also enjoys being at home and works as a freelance writer for customers throughout North America and the UK writing on topics ranging from finding work at home business opportunity to finding the best prepaid cell phones. Mark and Melissa have three teenage daughters who, following their parents lead dream of the freedom available to those who have their own home based business.

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