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Content is King on the Internet

Today's commerce is driven, to a very large extent, by the internet. Every company and product needs to have a website from were people can get information about the products for sale and then, if they are persuaded to, buy. But a website is like a living entity - if it does not change it clothes regularly, it looks stale and people start to avoid it. In the case of websites it is the content that needs to be continuously changed to keep people coming back and also so that it comes up high on search engine results.

Until now creating content was a laborious and time consuming job. While information on every possible subject is available in plenty on the internet, doing research for an article involved wading through a vast number of pages, trying to find exactly what you need. And the disorganized way in which the information is presented only made things worse. In fact, many content developers say that the writing of the article is only 10% or less of the total time needed. The rest goes in collecting information.

The advent of Instant Article Wizard has changed all that. This is a program that takes all the slog out of locating and assembling the material that the writer needs for producing the articles. In just a few minutes and with just a few clicks, it find all the material relevant to the article key words, present it in a simple and easy to read format and provide subtopics around which the article is the be structured. And it doesn't stop there. It provides and easy to use system of organizing ideas into the introduction, the sub topics and the conclusion. The program then transfers all the assembled material to the clipboard and then to your word processor from where you can add, delete and do the final polish. In just a few minutes a completed high quality ready for use article is done.

Any website owner or full / part time writer who has felt like tearing out their hair by the roots at the frustratingly slow process of finding and assembling the material they need for an article will greet Instant Article Wizard with open arms. With article writing times reduce from hours to minutes, website owners will have more time to pay attention to other aspects of running their businesses and writers will be able to increase the amount of articles they write manifold. In both cases the result is a multiplying of income.

This surprisingly inexpensive software is extremely simple to use and anyone can pick it up in just a few minutes – no computer expertise is needed. But that simplicity does not mean that the results it produces are of low quality. Instant Article Wizard will provide the content developer with all the inputs he or she needs to produce top quality articles in just a few minutes.

This is a stand alone program that requires no additional resources to operate. Download it and get started. And best of all, it comes with a money back guarantee.

To learn more about Content Development, check out the free Content Development report. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include this resource box. You can also include your affiliate link if you sign up at Clickbank Pirate.

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Page updated on 18 September 2018

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